The testimony of a powerful fortune-teller 算命先生的見證(Part 2/3)

(This blog is originally in Chinese)

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He closed his business and had some rest. During this rest period, there were some unpredictable things happened. It was a ghost horrible movie, but real.

生意已經結朿了,過了好一段安寧的日子, 休養身心 ,在這時發生了一些不可思異的事情,這彷似是是一個可怕的鬼電影,但它是真實的。

He was being spiritually attacked …


It was a very horrible experience. It was as horrible as a horror movie. However, it was not a movie, but indeed, it was true.

這是一個非常恐怖的經歷。 這和恐怖電影一樣可怕。然而,這不是一部電影,但實際上,它是真實的。

After my Grandfather moved the spirit of the ancestor from his home of a Taoist temple, strange things happened.


He was living in a studio apartment with my grandma. Every morning, the lamp on his house will flick itself automatically at 3 AM and at the same time, the alarm clock on the table will also move by itself. It was even being pushed to the floor and rolled. Other than this, he also heard someone was talking.


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