Shortcut keys that boost your Powerpoint presentation

As mentioned from my previous blog, the quickest way to respond to a changes requested from the stage is to use keyboard, following table listed all shortcut keys that a PA may be used during a PowerPoint presentation

[vtftable ]
Keyboard shortcut key;;;Action;;;Mouse;nn;
Go to next slide or animation;;;’N’, space, right or down arrow, enter, or page down;;;Left Click;nn;
Alt + ‘Tab’;;; Swap between Powerpoint application and other applications;;;;nn;
Return to previous slide or animation;;;’P’, backspace, left or up arrow, or page up;;;Right click + select “Previous” from the alternative menu;nn;
Zoom in a slide;;;’ + ‘ or Ctrl + ‘+’;;;nn;
Go to a particular slide;;;Slide number followed by Enter;;; ;nn;
End slide show;;;Esc or Ctrl + Break;;; ;nn;
View task bar (Start Menu);;;Ctrl + T;;; ;nn;
Hide/Show arrow on mouse move;;;Ctrl + H/U;;; ;nn;
Help function;;;F1;;; ;nn;

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