The testimony of a fortune teller (Part 1/3)算命先生的見證

(This blog is originally in Chinese)

This is true story of my grand father, a fortune teller.


I pay my tribute to him with this testimony.

我以 這篇見證 向他致敬。

He was a very wise man. He didn’t have any chance to study at the university. However, he loves learning and self-learned a lot of things.


He learned local languages in China along with his travelling before WWII. Even during WWII, he was still learning local languages while travelling with the military for fighting against the Japanese. He totally learned 11 languages. He also studied a lot of other things including radio, Chinese herbs, and fortune-telling.


After World War II, he migrated to Hong Kong and developed a family and became a good family man with a lot of kids.


Just after WWII, he was having an industrial accident and had been stepped down from work. This lead to an immediate financial problem As it was just after WWII, it was very hard to look for a job. Moreover, Grandma just had her second pregnancy while the first son was just one-year-old.


Later in one evening, he saw a fortune-teller was helping other people to predict his future while he was walking down the night market. Then he started considering try to use his interest, fortune-telling skill, to see if he could earn some money.


Therefore, he started his business on the next day. His business wasn’t too bad on his first day. From this day, he started his new life as a fortune teller.


After started this business, he found that he appears helped a lot of people. Therefore, he had further studied these things including numerology, Taoist Tellismens Composing, Spiritism and Fung Shui. He also found that a lot of his client came to him for healing and he wanted to help them. Therefore he had also studied Chinese Acupuncture and was certified by the Chinese Acupuncture Association in Hong Kong.


His business was growing very quickly and he was getting so famous and gone through to oversea. Some of his clients actually flew to Hong Kong from oversea in order to visit him. Also, there are some other customers ask for him to summarise their current life and previous life by simply sent him their own personal information.


His business was growing together with his personal popularity, from originally a single booth on the side of the street to a shop and later became a clinic with his own property.


His Taoist talisman was very powerful and a lot of people bought it for personal protection. Also, because of his excellent handwriting, a lot of people also bought his Chinese Calligraphy – “Baishoutu”.

他的寫的符咒非常奏效,不少人買來護身或驅邪,同時他也寫得一手好書法,他寫的字畫 – 百壽圖。也有不少人買。

He had also moved the spirit of this ancestor from mainland China to his home in Hong Kong so that he could look after him daily. He was a very powerful and famous fortune-teller at that time.


Everything was very smooth until one day …

一切都非常順利 , 直到有一天 …

As he getting older and older, he was diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, he retired and stopped his business.


He thought that he won’t be able to look after his ancestor any longer. Therefore, he moved the spirit of his ancestor from home to a Taoist temple so that they will be looked after by the temple.


His closed his business and had some rest. During this rest period, there were some unpredictable things happened. It was a ghost horrible movie, but real.


He was being attacked …

他被攻擊 …

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