The period under fear

From my previous sharing, I have mentioned that a lot of things were just out of my control.

Today I want to share how did I go through that period.

Before I arrived at Sydney, my friend spared her house, which was a sunroom of the landlord’s house, as temporary accommodation for me, as she had already decided to move out from that house.

Also, I was able to get into a six-months rental contract for a house in the same area not very long after I arrived in Sydney.

Everything appears very good, until one week.

It was an unforgettable week, I was moving to my new house and was being threatened twice.

  1. Threatened in the Station

At Wednesday evening, I was making a phone call on the nearby train station with my friend’s bicycle. Suddenly a stranger came to me demanding the coins on my hand. I wasn’t realised that he was a robber and I refused his request.

As I refused, he pushed down my bicycle and warned me to be careful. He went down to the platform afterword.

After that, I told my friend what had happened. Her partner told me that I was very lucky. If not for the security cameras in the station, my body should be attached with a knife already!

He also told me how dangerous the area was and advised me to:

  1. Check twice before leaving my room every day
  2. Always be alert as I may be recognised already!
  3. Never walk alone at night
  4. If someone appears following me, catch a cab and leave immediately.

After that, I was very scared every time when I go out.

2. Couldn’t went back home

Soon after we told the landlord about our move and my new address, we had some argument with the landlord.

A few days later, it was Saturday evening. We saw a group of strong guys in front of our old house and waiting for us while our car was 100 meters away from the old house. We were intended to go to our old house for cleaning. However, we were too scared to move our step closer to the house and left immediately.

On the next day, it was Sunday, we employed a cleaner to help us to do the cleaning. Our poor cleaner was being cornered, hit and threatened inside the house.

In the end, we dropped everything including our clothes, personal belongings, our bonds and left the house.

The old house was not safe, but the new house doesn’t look anything better too! This is because the new house was just two blocks away from the old house. And before those arguments, we have advised the landlord our new address. It was too easy for the landlord to find us.

I am not saying we didn’t have any responsibility for the argument. However, using force to resolve the problem is always definitely unacceptable.

Therefore, that evening, we contacted the police. However, it was rejected as it was not a real threat.

As a result of this, my friend’s partner asked me to move into his place although his house does not have any spare room for me.

Therefore, I left my new house which I had just received the key a week ago and moved to my friend’s place. However, I was paying the rent for my empty house!

At that time, in my friend’s place, I don’t have much access to the Internet as I couldn’t rebuild my desktop computer.

I have stayed in their place for another 3 weeks until in one evening, I borrowed their laptop and managed suddenly to get in touch with my old friend that we had not contacted for almost 10 years using the MSN Web.

In MSN, I found that she was also looking for a flatmate, so I immediately decided to move in.

She was so nice and shared everything including those foods was bought before I moved in.

I still want to say thanks to all of my friends who have helped me in such a critical moment. Things they have done was definitely incredible and will always on my mind.

But where was God!

God knows everything. It is definitely true!

On the Sunday morning before our cleaner being threatened, I went to a church that I have never been to and the leader was reading the following scriptures:

“Peter replied, “Lord if it really is you, tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come on!” God said. Peter then got out of the boat and started walking on the water toward him. But when Peter saw how strong the wind was, he was afraid and started sinking. “Save me, God!” he shouted. At once, Jesus reached out his hand. He helped Peter up and said, “You surely don’t have much faith. Why do you doubt?”

I was in the same situation as Peter. I came to Australia by myself to find out what God wants me to do and now my life was under threatened.

I cried:

“Save me, God!”

“Save me, God! Thanks for leading me to here. From today’s teaching, I know that you have not left me alone.”

當你走到無力 專輯:美麗傳奇II神蹟 主唱:徐偉賢

This song has completed expressed my feeling. I was tired. But it reminded me that God was still on my side.

God wasn’t only appeared in the scripture, but also assisted me through a lot of my good friends around me.

We may able to explain a lot of things. However, there is one thing we cannot explain is the timing. The timing of all those things has illustrated that without God, the story would be ended in a different way.

I am just a normal person, like you, but God still looks after me. I believe that God will also look after you when you seek for him.

If you want to know more the God that I have mentioned, please feel free to contact me from the contact us form above.

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