Experiencing Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN)

It was one of the most beautiful afternoons in my life. It was the birth of my second baby, Eddie.

Everything was going as planned and the baby was doing well other than shaking and fast breathing.

On the second day during a normal check-up, the nurse had concerned on the shaking and speed of breathing and escalated the case to Newborn Care (NICU) and also Children’s hospital. They were initially only intended to escalate to one team only. However, as the phone didn’t go through, they escalated to both teams. In the end, both teams turned up.

Doctors from both units attended to this 2 days old baby. They confirmed Eddie have Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN) and sent my baby to Newburn Care (NICU).

I wasn’t too much worry about NICU as I basically know nothing about PPHN and also I had been to NICU before. But the most important thing was I know that I wasn’t a doctor and my best option was to completely obey the guidance of the doctor.

I wasn’t scared about it until one night I find out what is PPHN from Mr. Google.

“PPHN is kind of a top killer for newborn baby. The root cause of PPHN was that during the pregnancy, the baby’s have aspirated his own meconium, feces for a baby before born. This caused a fatal virus being developed inside the body. The worse result for PPHN is become a disable or even die.

PPHN has 2 types, type 1 is completely recoverable, while type 2 does not have very long the life expectancy.”

I was scared on that night and had a horrible dream.

No matter what happened to this baby, I will still love him.

However, I asked the doctor regarding Eddie’s situation on the next morning so that I will know the best way to assist Eddie.

The doctor confirmed my baby was on the best level of type 1. He was just having a tip of PPHN. Also, escalation and treatment were just on time. And the latest blood test result that just received was much better than the last result a week ago.

Weeks later, Eddie was completely recovered and dispatched without any medical assistance.

After back home, we have also conducted a few medical checks from a few specialists and confirmed everything is good!

God looks after every person including a newborn baby no matter what happened. We are certainly in his eyes no matter what happened to our situation.

The nurse is kind of an angel from God for Eddie. If not for her attention to detail and on-time escalation, I believe Eddie will end up to a very deteriorated result.

We thank God for giving us such a good angel.

I also learned one thing here. We know nothing about our life, we can’t even control what is going to happen tomorrow. Information from Mr. Google may not always applicable to our situation. However, listen and obey to God’s guidance is always our best option as he can provide us the most professional advise and lead us to the best result although sometime the result may differ from our expectation.

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