5 Things That You Should know About Excel | Excel For Absolute Beginners

This walkthrough illustrates:

  • Creating your first Notebook
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Understanding Cells and Entering your first data
  • Saving Your notebook:
  • Printing the Workbook


Aimed At:

People who know nothing about Excel and want to know the Basics


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Lets Start !

1) Creating your first Notebook:

Excel shows a start screen the first time you start it. Excel Start Screen You can do one of these things from the start Screen. * Open Recent Files from the left menu * Create A Blank Workbook * Choose a ready made template from excel Click on the Blank Workbook to Create your first Notebook. You can also choose one of the templates to automate your tasks but that’s a lesson for another day. On Clicking the Blank Workbook button, Excel Creates a blank workbook For you. Congratulations, You are one more step closer to becoming an Excel Pro. 🙂

2) Understanding the Interface

The Excel Divides the Interface into two parts. 1) The Upper Area / The Ribbon : This is where you find all the tools to work with 2) The Lower part which is composed of a numbered grid : This is where you enter the actual data.Excel Spreadsheet

3)Understanding Cells and Entering your first data

Click on any of the boxes in the lower part of the Interface. These boxes are called Cells. There are millions of cells like this one and is used to Enter Data into the worksheet. Enter some text through the keyboard after selecting the box and Press Enter. Excel Enters that text into that cell. This forms the Basics of some of the most advanced tasks in Excel. Excel cells Each Cell has a unique Address. We can refer to that individual cell by referring to that Address. This address is shown in the upper left Corner below the ribbon, As highlighted in the image. Excel Cell Address The cell address for the above cell is E7. You can go to any cell in Excel by just typing its unique address. This naming convention is based on the position of cells of each column and row.

4) Saving Your notebook:

After Entering the required data into the worksheet, You should save the workbook.The Tools in the ribbon are categorized in the tabs. Goto the FILE tab in the upper left corner and Click Save. You should see the following window when you click the save button. Save Excel Spredsheet Excel allows you to save the workbook in Your computer as well as the Online in OneDrive (and you can later access this file from any device that has access to the internet). Choose one of the options and Click browse. Give a Proper name to this excel workbook and Click Save. The file should now have been saved.

5) Printing the Workbook

After Clicking the FILE tab, Go to the Print Option Excel will show the following screen. Excel Print document The rightmost area shows the Preview of your Print. you can adjust the page size and margin options from the Settings Area. After reviewing all the settings, select your Printer from the drop down menu and Click Print. Congratulations, You got from knowing nothing about Excel to Printing the whole notebook, All by yourself.

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