How to set the layout, page size, print area of an Excel document

In This Walkthrough We will learn how to:

  • Set the layout, page size of the page and also take a look at the Print Option and print area of a document in Excel

Aimed At:

  • People who know basic functions in Excel and want to learn about Print options in Excel


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Cool Stuff:

  • Excel Page Layout width and height options can Fit the entire area you want to print into a single page ( or more than one page if you specify and with some scaling of course)

Let’s Start:

Let’s take a look at some of the basic functions Excel offers for Printing and Setting page layout. Keep in mind these Settings are only for Print purposes. You can see your changes by Going to FILE tab > Print . The Right Column shows a preview of the print.

Setting the Margins.

Excel allows you to set the  margins of the page from the Page Layout Tab. Margins define the boundaries of the page, the area which can be used by the excel for print purposes. Let’ take a look at how to set them.

Click The Margins button from the PAGE LAYOUT tab. This allows you to set the margins for your page. You can choose:

– Normal: these are the default settings and should be used unless you want some extra space

– Wide : these settings are used when you want more than normal space on the sides of the page.

-Narrow : These settings are used when you want to use some extra space for the content, resulting in narrowing the margins.

You can also define custom Margins from the button in the bottom

Setting the Orientation

We can also set the page Orientation. Let’s take a look.

Set the Orientation from the PAGE LAYOUT tab. You can choose:

-Portrait: this is the default option and should be used unless you want a Landscape Orientation

– Landscape: Choose this option if you want to use a landscape orientation

Set the Page Size

We can set the Page size in Excel from the PAGE layout tab. Select the Page You would be printing your page onto. Most Popular sizes are: Letter, Legal, A4 and A3

Click PAGE LAYOUT -> Size and Select the Appropriate size for your worksheet. Excel shows the size of the Page below the name. Select the Page you would be printing this Sheet onto. You can choose :








Define Print Area:

Define the Area you want to print from the Print Area Option. Let’s go through an example:

1) Select the Area you want Excel to Print from your worksheet. In this case we Selected Cells from A1 to F22 by Clicking and Dragging as described in Earlier Posts.

Click Print Area drop down option and Click Set Print Area. The only area selected before will be printed after clicking this.

Scaling and Fitting the Sheet to your Page

Excel allows you to Scale Your Pages to the number of Pages you specify. To use this option, We Recommend you to first define the Print Area to make things easier. After doing that. Follow the Steps below.

1) Goto Scale to Fit group in PAGE LAYOUT tab. You can define the no. of Pages you want to fit your page area into. to do this Click the drop down menu after Width and Select the no. of Pages. You can do the same thing with the height option. Defining no. of Pages in height Option will limit the no. of Pages Excel fits the height of the print Area in.

Make sure that the Scale options doesn’t show a very low value. If it is, try increasing no. of Pages of Width And/Or Height option. It should be above 75% in most cases.

Click Print Area drop down option and Click Set Print Area. The only area selected before will be printed after clicking this.

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