Looking at the View tab in Excel | Excel for Absolute Beginners

In This Walkthrough We:

  • Take a look at the View tab in Ms Excel

Aimed At:

  • Who know how to use Excel and want to learn View functions in Excel


Cool Stuff:

You can setup multiple views within a single Excel worksheet and take a look at the different parts of the worksheet At the same time.

Let’s Start

Excel View tab allows you to change the way you see data in Excel. They are quite useful if you want to work on different areas of the worksheet at the same time. Lets go through some of the most important functions in the VIEW tab.

Workbook Views group

You can choose one of the following options from the workbook Views group to change the way you look at Data. The default option is Normal, The others are:

Page Break Preview

You can Choose The Page Break Preview option if you want to see where the page breaks appear in your worksheet, which are useful when you want to print your document. After Clicking the Page Break Preview, the page breaks appear throughout the worksheet. Take a look below at the Page Break View


Page Layout View

Page layout View, as the name suggests, shows the Layout of the Page. You can use the Page layout option to view your worksheet is you want to work with headers and footers of your pages. Take a look below at the Page layout View

Click on ” Click to add header” to add header to the page. You can also add footer by going down the page and clicking on ” Click to add footer”.

Show and Zoom group.

Show group

The 2nd group in the VIEW tab, The Show group is used to enable or disable certain elements like: Ruler, Gridlines, Formula Bar and Headings. Click on any of the checkboxes to enable or disable these options

Zoom group.

The 3nd group in the VIEW tab, The zoom group is used to set the zoom of the worksheet. you can click on one of the buttons.

– The zoom Button is used to set the zoom. A dialog box appears on clicking this button which asks for a percentage to zoom to with 100% being the default and current zoom (if never used before).

– 100% zoom : the shortcut for setting zoom to 100% after setting it to some other value through the first option.

– Zoom to selection : It zooms to the cell or selection currently selected.

Split Windows.

Split function found in Windows group of the VIEW tab is one of the most useful functions used by Excel users. It divides your excel worksheet into different panes ( usually 2 or 4) that each scroll separately. To use Split function.

Click the Split button from the VIEW tab as shown in the right.

Excel divides the window into four independent panes, from the middle of the window, that each scroll separately. If you want to use 2 horizontal panes or 2 Vertical panes only,  you can drag one of them all the way to either side of the window.

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