How to recover a deleted sheet in Excel?

How to recover a deleted sheet?

Can you recover a deleted sheet? As mentioned from my previous blog – How to manipulate sheets in Excel, once the delete sheet operation is non-reversible. What if I have deleted a sheet by mistake. Am I going to lose everything I have done on the sheet?

My answer is yes or no. Depends on your situation. If you are working on a new file or you have saved your file after deleted the sheet or the sheet was there before your last save, it is a “yes”. Otherwise, you have simply lost everything you have done on the deleted sheet after your last save.

As long as you have not saved your file whatever you have done is not really a matter as it is not saved. Following is the options you can use to recover a deleted sheet:

  1. If nothing else have been updated in the sheet, simply close the current file without save it.
  2. Otherwise, save the current file as a new file, and then reopen the old file and copy the deleted sheet to the new file.

Just beware!

  1. If there is any cell referred to anything from the deleted sheet, they will all returns as #REF , you will still have to fix them manually.
  2. If you have a lot of other Excel files open that link to the file with the accidentally deleted tab, cells from those files that referred to the deleted sheet will also returns #REF,  and you MUST close the other files prior to saving the files separately. Otherwise, the other files will all change their links to the new file’s name, but will not change back after the new file is renamed.
  3. Any changes made to the accidentally deleted sheets after last save is, unfortunately, cannot be recovered.

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