How to insert pictures, shapes or Text box and make Your Excel Workbook look more Professional

In This Walkthrough We will learn to:

  • Insert Pictures, Shapes and Text Boxes in Excel to make your Workbook look more Professional

Aimed At:

  • People who are still pretty much learning Excel and want to make their workbook look more formal


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Cool Stuff:

  • Inserting Pictures into Excel and using shapes to give your worksheet a professional Look

Let’s Start:

We can Insert Pictures into Excel by using the Pictures option in the INSERT tab. Pictures are used to give your Worksheet a professional look. Users can see the relevant information in one place by using cells for data and inserting pictures along the way to make the information more obvious. To learn how to add a pivot table to an excel worksheet. Please read:

– How to Create Pivot Table in Excel

How to create pivot table with multiple data sources in excel using Pivot Table Wizard

Add an Image to an Excel cell

1) Select the cell you want to add an image to:

2) Click Pictures button in INSERT Tab. A Dialog Box will appear which will enable you to choose the image file

3) Excel will insert the image to the Worksheet. you can drag it around and resize it to suit your needs. Excel also proivdes a Format tab in the Ribbon to edit the images.

Inserting shapes

We can insert shapes such as Arrows, rectangles the same way as Images. Lets go through this example.

After Selecting a Cell to which you want to insert an image to. Click the shapes button in the INSERT tab, as shown in right. Select From a wide variety of shapes excel provides to make your Excel look more formal. Click the shape you want to insert

After clicking on the shape of your choice. Click and drag anywhere in the worksheet to insert that shape. In this example, we inserted an arrow at the right of the Text.

Inserting a Textbox

We can Insert a Text box in the same way we insert a shape. Text boxes are used to Enter Text and Using it makes our Worksheet look more formal. You should always use text boxes when explaining Data, or making an introduction to your Worksheet. Like The example below

Click the Text box Option from the INSERT tab to insert. After Clicking, Click and drag anywhere in your worksheet to insert it.

Click the Text box Option from the INSERT tab to insert. After Clicking, Click and drag anywhere in your worksheet to insert it. in this example, We inserted the text box below the Text. We changed the Font and Alignment from the HOME tab to make it look that way.

We hope you learned something from this tutorial. Check out our previous posts to learn more

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