How to do change font style in excel – Excel Interview question

How to do change font style in Excel One of the most common Excel interview question.

How to change cell formatting in excel – Excel Interview question

This blog will illustrate how to change cell formatting in excel.

From my previous post,  I have already mentioned:

Now, let’s talk about how to change the “Look” of a cell in excel.

When we say changing the “look” of a cell in excel, we can actually change :

  1. The font style or color
  2. The Border style
  3. Cell Background
  4. Cell Alignment

We can also instruct excel to present the cell in different format under different conditions – conditional formatting.

How to change the font style or font color?

To change the font style, you can use buttons in the Font’s group from the Home Ribbon

Font Group in the Home Ribbon

Home Ribbon in Ipad

Following is an explanation to each buttons

Bold ButtonBold Button – Bold or “unbold” the the cell  (Short key Ctrl + B)

Italic ButtonItalic Button – Present the cell in Italic Format (Short Key Ctrl + I)

Underline ButtonUnderline Button – Underline the values in the current cell (Short Key Ctrl + U)

Font ColorFont Color – Change the font color of a cell

Fill colorFill Color – Change the background color of a cell

Cell Border

Cell border – Change the cell border

Font face selectionFont Face Selection – Select he font face of a cell

Please refer to my future post on regarding to change of cell alignment and conditional formatting.

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