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How to create a new excel file?

Excel allows users to create a file from scratch ( blank workbook) or from templates using the file Ribbon. Microsoft allows users to create an excel file from template since long ago.

To create a new excel file from scratch

  1. click the “new” button from the “File Ribbon”
  2. click “Blank Workbook”.

Once it is clicked, your excel should look similar to following

create a new excel file

On the right side of the screen, Excel listed all templates that are available for the user to select.  A template file is a ready-made spreadsheet for specific purposes which allow the user to create a new spreadsheet with little modifications such as changing figures only.

You may also download some other templates from MS-Office’s official website:

If you do not wish to create a workbook from scratch, click “Blank Workbook”.

If you are using Excel 2010 or earlier version, once clicked “Blank Workbook” your Excel will automatically create a new file with 3 sheets

  • Sheet1
  • Sheet2
  • Sheet3

However, since Excel 2013, your application should default to only 1 sheet. To add a new sheet, you can simply click the button after the last sheets in your excel file.

An excel file can include multiple sheets. A sheet is simply a table of cells. A cell is where the user actually works on.

You can have as many sheets as you want in an excel file. However, too many sheets in one single file will cause issues on managing the file.

To create a new excel file using a template

  1. Click the “new” button from the “File Ribbon”
  2. Click the template you are looking for.
    Back to School Planner - Template
    Back to School Planner – Template
  3. Click “Create”
  4. After clicked “Create”, it will download the template from the template website

How to save a file

You may wish to save your excel file after steps above.

Following is the steps:

  1. go to “File Ribbon”
  2. Click “Save” or “Save As”
  3. If it is your first time to save this file, Excel will directly redirect you to “Save As”
  4. Select the location where you want to save the file under
  5. Save the file with a new name.

As mentioned from my other blog – Ribbon – Excel general question – “File Ribbon” have a lot more function other than creating a new spreadsheet. They will be covered in other blogs.

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