Exploring the Home tab (Part 2) | Excel for Absolute Beginners

In This Walkthrough We will learn to:

  • Choose a Number format for our Cells
  • Apply Pre-formatted tables from the Library
  • Insert and Delete Cells
  • Adjust the height and width of cells

Aimed At:

  • People who know nothing about Excel and want to know the Basics


Cool Stuff:

  • Pre-formatted Tables to automatize your workflow
  • Adjusting the height and width of the cells

Setting a number format for our cells:

Excel Allows you to show the numbers in a specified format in our cells. This enables us to show the Currency and Date/Time in different ways, which makes sense because they are 2 separate things. Lets take a look.

To Change The format of the cells

Select The Cell you want to apply the format to.

Click on the drop down menu written ” General” in the Number Group

Select your desired format from the list

Select your desired format from the list

Excel will change the format of the cell as selected.

You can Check out this Post to learn more about data types in depth:

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Applying Pre-formatted Tables.

Excel makes it very easy to format your Data it make the information Clearer and make the important stuff stand out. We can use the pre-formatted Tables from the library so that our Data is never difficult to read.

To apply Pre-formatted Tables:

Make sure you have a Table with Headers. In this example, We have “Month” and “Expenses”.

Select Your table with Headers, As shown in the left.

Choose “Format as Table” Option from the Styles group in HOME tab.

Excel will show you a number of different formats to choose from

On choosing one of the formats, Excel will show a dialog to specify where your data is. For now just Click Ok, As you already selected your data before clicking the table

On Clicking Ok. Excel will apply the pre-formatted tables to your data

Inserting and Deleting Cells

Excel allows you to Insert and Delete Cells, Rows and Columns. These Options are located in the Cells group in the Home Tab. Lets go through this example.

Move the cursor to the location you want to insert Cells to or delete from.

Click the Insert or Delete button From Cells tab. Then choose if you want to insert/delete Cells, Rows Or Columns

Excel will ask you how do you want to insert/Delete the Cells. Choose one of the options and Click Ok

Excel will insert / Delete the Cell / Row / Column at the specified location.

Adjusting the Height and width of the cells

Move The cursor to the row/column you want to alter the height / width of.

Click The Format Button on The Cells Group. Click The Row height or Column Width option based on your preference.

Excel will ask you to enter the Row Height or Column width based on the option you clicked. Enter the Desired height / width and Press Ok.

We entered 30 as Row height and Excel Altered the height of the selected row.

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