What is a Ribbon in Excel – Excel Interview Questions

This blog is going to answer following questions regarding to Ribbon in Excel.

What is a Ribbon in Excel?

  • is available since MS-Office 2007.
  • Replaced menus and toolbars in previous Office version.
  • Ribbon have the same functionality as as menus or toolbar. Ribbon reorganised those buttons in a more user friendly way.
  • Ribbons have various tabs on the top
  • each tab has its own group of commands, and they are separated by a bar.
  • Can be shown/hidden using CTRL + F1 or double click the tab name.

How many ribbons are available from Excel in 2016 (by default)?

Following Ribbon’s are available in excel 2016 by default:

  • File
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page Layout
  • Formulas
  • Data
  • Review
  • Views
  • Add-on (available since 2016)
  • Team

Introduction to each Excel ribbons

File Ribbon

File Open
File Ribbon

This ribbon allow users to:

  1. Create a new excel file either from scratch or using ready made template
  2. Open and Save an excel file from local computer or OneDrive
  3. Print current file
  4. Share current files via email and Cloud
  5. Export to PDF
  6. Publish to BI tools

This ribbon is the only ribbon than cover the whole windows. Other ribbon only cover the top part of a screen.

Home Ribbon

Home Ribbon
Home Ribbon

This home ribbon allow us to

  1. access to the clipboard
  2. Format text (font face)
  3. Change text alignment for each cells
  4. Format text (Number, date, currency etc).
  5. Styles
  6. Insert or delete cells
  7. Apply so basic functions into the cell

All icons grouped by their functions in this ribbon

Insert Ribbon

Insert Ribbon
Insert Ribbon

This ribbon allow users to create following things:

  1. Data Tables and Pivot Tables
  2. Pictures
  3. add-ins
  4. Charts
  5. Sparklines
  6. Filters
  7. Symbols

Page Layout Ribbon

Page Layout
Page Layout

This ribbon allow users to change the page setting of the spreadsheet for the current selected spreadsheet. However, can still change some setting for multiple spreadsheets  in one go by “CTRL ” Clicking each individual spreadsheets.

Formulas Ribbon

Formulas Ribbon
Formulas Ribbon

This ribbon allow users to

  1. insert a formula to cell based on their functions
  2. Give a name to range of cells. This is very usage for auditing. Will be introduced in future posts.
  3. Formula Auditing
  4. set calculation options Automatic or manual

Data Ribbon

Data Ribbon
Data Ribbon

This ribbon is a very powerful ribbon,it allow user to

  1. analysis data and summarise data.
  2. perform BI by accessing information from different data source, not just other excel spreadsheet, but also from Internet and other database.
    1. Access (through Access data file or ODBC)
    2.  Other database though ODBC or SQL Query
  3. Filter and Group data
  4. Perform What-if analysis or Forecast sheets

Review Ribbon

Review Ribbon
Review Ribbon

This ribbon allow users to:

  1. Proofing current spreadsheet
  2.  Add comment to current selected cells
  3. Protect current sheets.

It is very helpful for user access control. For those files that have to share across multiple users.

View Ribbon

View Ribbon
View Ribbon

This ribbon allow users to :

  1. Change the view of the current spreadsheets. following setting are saved to the spreadsheet
    1. Workbook View
    2. Show/hide of Gridlines, Headings and Formula Bars
    3. Zoom ratio
    4. Freeze or split panel
    5. Macros
  2. Switch windows

Team Ribbon

Team Ribbon
Team Ribbon

This is new ribbon that is available since Excel 2013. It allow Excel to access to the Team Explorer Server.

I will drill down into detail for each ribbon in future blogs. Please feel free to register for any notification or to raise any questions.

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