Splunk Tutorial 03 : Licensing of Splunk 7.1.1

From our previous blog we have installed a trial version of the Splunk Enterprise.

Splunk have 4 types of licenses:

  1. Splunk® Enterprise
  2. Splunk Cloud
  3. Splunk® Light
  4. Splunk® Free

Within all of those Splunk enterprise is the highest level with the most powerful function such as alerting for unlimited users.

Splunk is charged per indexed data. Excluded duplicated data, Splunk log etc. As at the time that preparing this blog, the charges for Splunk Enterprise is USD $188 per ingested GB. However, for  free version we still allow to have 500MB per day.  Refer to the following URL for what will happen if you have go over this limit.


We have download the Splunk Enterprise with a trial license. The trial license will be invalid after 60 days. However, after 60 days it will automatically changed to the free license and

For further comparison of Splunk in different licenses, you may visit the following official link to Splunk url:



How to check current license detail of Splunk?

To check the detail of  current license, simply click “Licensing” from “Setting” in Splunk.

Click Licenses from Setting in SplunkThen you will see the detail of current licenses immediately.

Current license detail in Splunk




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