How to add functions to Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Let me tell you a secret, Excel has not put all its functions into their ribbons or Excel Quick Access Toolbar. This blog will illustrate how to manipulate the Excel Quick Access Toolbar.

Excel Quick Access Bar

Quick Access Toolbar is the bar that allows users to quickly access to some functions. It is located to the top left corner.

Following is the steps to manipulate the Quick Access Toolbar:

  1. ClickQuick Access Bar Buttonfrom the top left corner of the excel window.
  2. Select “More Commands …”
    Quick Access Toolbar - More commandExcel will populate the Excel Options dialog and allow us to customise the Quick Access Toolbar.Excel Options - Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Select the function the left list. By default, this list is filtered to only list all popular function. However, if the function is not available from the list, change the filer (Choose Commands drop down )from “Popular Commands” to “All Commands”.
    Quick Access Toolbar - Choose Commands from drop down
  4. The list will now list all available functions.
  5. Look for the functions we want to add to the toolbar again.Now I want to look for a function called “Pivot Table Wizard”
    Select function to the quick access toolbar
    So I select “PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard”
  6. Click “Add”Click "Add"
  7. The function will be added to the list on the right Function available fom uick Access Toolbar
  8. Click “OK”

Quick access toolbar - added function

Now you can see that there is an additional icons added to the toolbar. This additional is for the function we have just added.

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