Experiencing Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN)


It was one of the most beautiful afternoons in my life. It was the birth of my second baby, Eddie.

Everything was going as planned and the baby was doing well other than shaking and fast breathing.

On the second day during a normal check-up, the nurse had concerned on the shaking and speed of breathing and escalated the case to Newborn Care (NICU) and also Children’s hospital. They were initially only intended to escalate to one team only. However, as the phone didn’t go through, they escalated to both teams. In the end, both teams turned up.

Doctors from both units attended to this 2 days old baby. They confirmed Eddie have Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN) and sent my baby to Newburn Care (NICU).

I wasn’t too much worry about NICU as I basically know nothing about PPHN and also I had been to NICU before. But the most important thing was I know that I wasn’t a doctor and my best option was to completely obey the guidance of the doctor.

I wasn’t scared about it until one night I find out what is PPHN from Mr. Google.

“PPHN is kind of a top killer for newborn baby. The root cause of PPHN was that during the pregnancy, the baby’s have aspirated his own meconium, feces for a baby before born. This caused a fatal virus being developed inside the body. The worse result for PPHN is become a disable or even die.

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The testimony of a powerful fortune-teller 算命先生的見證(Part 2/3)

(This blog is originally in Chinese)

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He closed his business and had some rest. During this rest period, there were some unpredictable things happened. It was a ghost horrible movie, but real.

生意已經結朿了,過了好一段安寧的日子, 休養身心 ,在這時發生了一些不可思異的事情,這彷似是是一個可怕的鬼電影,但它是真實的。

He was being spiritually attacked …


It was a very horrible experience. It was as horrible as a horror movie. However, it was not a movie, but indeed, it was true.

這是一個非常恐怖的經歷。 這和恐怖電影一樣可怕。然而,這不是一部電影,但實際上,它是真實的。

After my Grandfather moved the spirit of the ancestor from his home of a Taoist temple, strange things happened.


He was living in a studio apartment with my grandma. Every morning, the lamp on his house will flick itself automatically at 3 AM and at the same time, the alarm clock on the table will also move by itself. It was even being pushed to the floor and rolled. Other than this, he also heard someone was talking.


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The testimony of a fortune teller (Part 1/3)算命先生的見證

(This blog is originally in Chinese)

This is true story of my grand father, a fortune teller.


I pay my tribute to him with this testimony.

我以 這篇見證 向他致敬。

He was a very wise man. He didn’t have any chance to study at the university. However, he loves learning and self-learned a lot of things.


He learned local languages in China along with his travelling before WWII. Even during WWII, he was still learning local languages while travelling with the military for fighting against the Japanese. He totally learned 11 languages. He also studied a lot of other things including radio, Chinese herbs, and fortune-telling.


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The period under fear

From my previous sharing, I have mentioned that a lot of things were just out of my control.

Today I want to share how did I go through that period.

Before I arrived at Sydney, my friend spared her house, which was a sunroom of the landlord’s house, as temporary accommodation for me, as she had already decided to move out from that house.

Also, I was able to get into a six-months rental contract for a house in the same area not very long after I arrived in Sydney.

Everything appears very good, until one week.

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A Story of $16.50

(This post is originally in English)

Today I am going to share my experience with $16.50.

For a lot of people $16.50 may mean 4 cups of coffee, a delicious breakfast or a good lunch. However, for me, it means the account balance I used to have.

I migrated to Sydney in 2007 by myself, after a few years of working in Hong Kong.

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