Answer for common question in Excel test for interview

Answer for common question in Excel test for interview

This page list answers for some common question in an Excel test for interview. This page will be updated regularly to ensure it’s most updated accuracy. Please come back regularly or consider to have this page bookmarked. Common question in an Excel test for interview 1) What is Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel is software that … Read more

How to replace words in excel? Substitute or replace in excel?

How to replace words in excel? You can use two different functions – substitute and replace. Difference between substitute and replace are shown from the following table. SUBSTITUTE function in excel The substitute function in excel is to replace a text within a cell by a new text Syntax SUBSTITUTE(text,old_text_new_text,[Instance_num]) Argument Argument Description text The … Read more

Getpivotdata – an easier and better way to reference a pivot table in Excel

From my other blog I have illustrated how to create a pivot table. How to read information from a pivot table Now I am going to mention how to refer information from a pivot table. There are two ways to do the job refer to the corresponding cells  (e.g. = a10) using the “GetPivotData” function … Read more

Difference between all 5 count functions (COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS and COUNTBLANK) in Excel.

What is the difference between COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS and COUNTBLANK in Ms-Excel? Suppose we have a table like this.   Different type of count functions The following table illustrated the differences between each function: Usage Count Count number of cells that have numbers or values CountA count any cell value containing numbers, text, logical values, … Read more

How to use if function with multiple conditions and outcomes in Excel

This paragraph is original in English. From my last blog, we have introduced the if function in Excel where following is the syntax: Syntax: if function with multiple conditions and outcomes What if we have multiple conditions? Can we use the if function with multiple conditions? The answer is “Yes”. There are two ways to … Read more

How to change report formats in Excel

From my last blog, I have mentioned how to create pivot table in excel. Now, let’s go through different kinds report formats in Excel pivot table. There are three types of report formats in Excel Pivot Table: Compact Form Outline Form Tabular Form Suppose we have a pivot table with the following report fields. Following is … Read more

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