About ACapturer 關於ACapturer


I’m Peter, the founder of ACapturer. I developed this website together with my wife Michelle.

我是Peter,ACapturer的創始人。 我和我的妻子Michelle一起開發了這個網站。

We are basically a normal person, like you, and have experienced all different taste in our life.


However, we found support from our religion and had gone through all experiences. Therefore, we would like to release some positive energy to our reader and to renew their lives with encouragement and knowledge through this website.

但是,我們從宗教中得到了支持並且經歷了所有經歷。 因此,我們希望通過本網站向讀者釋放一些積極的能量,並通過鼓勵和知識重振生活。

“There is always a hope in our life!”


We wish you enjoy this website, also your life.